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Frequently Asked Questions


What forms of payment do you accept?

We accept all major debit and credit cards. Cash payment is also accepted; however, we are unable to provide change at this time. We also accept payment through PayPal and Venmo. Additionally, we welcome the use of FSA or HSA, and we can provide necessary documentation for reimbursement purposes. Please note that we do not provide procedure codes (CPT) or diagnostic codes (ICD-10) as we do not seek reimbursement from insurance providers.


Do you accept health insurance?

Holt Functional Nutrition does not accept health insurance for our services. While we understand the value of health insurance in improving quality of life, our services are typically considered elective by most insurance providers.


I had recent lab work completed. Can I use it?

We can accept existing labs if they are no more than 30 days old and meet the equivalent of a comprehensive panel at a minimum. This allows us to better understand your current health status and tailor our services accordingly.

What are your business hours?

Our clinic is available by appointment during weeknights and weekends. To check our availability and schedule an appointment, please book through our online system.

Can you interpret functional labs that were ran elsewhere and provide protocol?

Yes, through our booking system, you may choose BYOLab appointment for a fee of $75 -  $180. ( Price may vary according to lab).  The lab will need to be emailed to no later than 24 hours before the appointment. 

Can we meet in person instead of phone or virtual chat?

Yes. We are located in Kingsport, TN and an in person appointment may be scheduled upon request when booking. 

Do you give family discounts? 

Previous clients get discounted services upon completing a package or service. Possible family discounts are available. 

Can I make a regular appointment like a doctors office?

All new patients, must go through an initial consultation first, regardless. 

Yes. If you have ailments that are sudden or need a quick protocol for something. My services may be used as such.

Pricing is as following:

20 min. Discover Call - For NEW patients ONLY. 

Current Clients - 45 minute follow up/ additional appointments - $75

Past Clients - 45 minute follow up/additional appointments - $60

New Clients - 1.5 hour initial Consultation - $180

Do you work with kids?

Of course! We work with all age groups of people. 

Can you run actual blood tests? 

Yes. We can order any and all blood tests we feel is necessary in your healing journey. 

Do you offer group sessions or DIY programs?

Not currently, but it is in our future plans. 

Who is the program not for?

People not willing to work on their health by making lifestyle changes. People who think a supplement alone will fix all their ails.

Do you work with people going through Chemotherapy?

 We will work with people going through Chemotherapy, however only diet and lifestyle changes will be addressed. Supplementation will not be advised for liability purposes. 


Why is my credit card information being requested at the time of booking?

We kindly request credit card information at the time of booking as a placeholder only. This helps us manage our schedule effectively and minimize disruptions caused by multiple cancellations or no-shows.


Cancelation Policy 

We understand that cancellations happen, and you have the right to cancel your appointment up to 8 hours before your scheduled time without a fee. This allows us to offer the time slot to other clients. However, if you cancel less than 8 hours from your appointment, your credit card on file will be charged the full fee for your service.


We greatly appreciate your adherence to and understanding of our cancellation policies, as they allow us to serve all our clients equitably and efficiently.

Was your question not answered? Please contact us today and reach out. We would love to answer any questions you may have. Thank you. 

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