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Why, hello there! 


My name is Christen Holt! I have a passion for empowering people to take charge of their own health. I feel this is a crucial part of improving overall health outcomes. Education is key to helping people understand their bodies and how to make healthier choices. Lifestyle modifications, such as changes in diet and exercise habits, can also have a profound impact on health.


Additionally, functional lab work can provide valuable insights into how the body is functioning, which can help identify underlying health issues and guide treatment. By combining education, lifestyle modifications, and functional lab work, individuals can gain a deeper understanding of their own health and take proactive steps towards improving it. This approach can help prevent and manage chronic health conditions, as well as promote overall wellness and longevity. 

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The Journey

I am the founder of Holt Functional Nutrition. The path that led me to this venture was filled with challenges. I wasn't always driven to help others improve their overall health and discover the root causes of their ailments.

Personally, I battled histamine issues, experiencing hives, severe allergic reactions, severe anxiety, and debilitating mood swings. These struggles could have been prevented if I had a better understanding of my body, diet, and environment . Unfortunately, it took me years to find the information I needed to overcome these demons.

Later on, when I had children, my second-born was diagnosed with a rare environmental birth defect called Esophageal Atresia. This marked the beginning of a long and difficult fight for her to lead a normal, healthy life and eat like any other child.

Through my journey of learning about functional nutrition and educating myself on the path to healthy living, we were able to conquer obstacles that some deemed impossible to overcome. This experience has not only ignited my passion, but also instilled a sense of duty in me to reach out and help those suffering from similar afflictions. I decided to get a certification in Functional Diagnostic Nutrition, because I wanted to help people find out a cause through functional labs, instead of just putting them on a diet. I wanted a whole body approach that targeted all metabolic systems. 

I aspire to assist individuals who are lost in the midst of a turbulent storm, struggling to find a guiding light that will lead them to a peaceful shore. My goal is to help you live a happy, healthy life where you aren't dependent on pharmaceuticals, pain management, or trapped in constant anguish. I want to empower you to feel like your true self once again.


Let me be the one to guide you on this journey towards a happier and healthier YOU! 

Christen Holt, FDNP 

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