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Functional nutrition

Mindful Choices for Optimal Health 


My name is Christen Holt. I am a certified Functional Diagnostic Nutritionist, Educator, Wife, and Mother.  I have a strong passion and will to help the common human feel comfortable in their own skin and life once again. I have seen and went through mysterious health problems and watched my family struggle with ailments that seem insignificant to the regular health world, yet detrimental to ones daily life.  I am determined to help people understand the mechanics of their intricately and beautifully designed powerhouse that they reside in and how to help it heal from the inside out so they may feel their best and not some subversion of their self. 

What is Functional Diagnostic Nutrition?

FDN is a step-by-step system of identifying and eliminating hidden stressors and dysfunction using

functional lab work and the DRESS for Health Success® program.


Test. Don't Guess.

We use advanced functional labs to take a deeper look and  identify metabolic malfunctions that are driving factors behind your health complaints.

Heal and Provide

Revitalize your body's systems to promote optimal health by receiving individualized recommendations for diet, lifestyle modifications, and supplements.




Gain the knowledge to comprehend and provide what suits your body best, and sustain good health throughout your lifetime.



“Christen has helped me so much in my gluten intolerance finding.  If I  never had the GI testing done, I would’ve never known.  I also had too much estrogen in my gut as well.  Since starting the supplement regimen I’ve noticed a major difference.  I’ve lost some weight and my period has been a little easier as well.  I highly recommend talking to Christen about your GI Tract and any hormone issues.  Thank you so much for all of your help and knowledge.  I’m on my way to a better me!  “

Casey Charles


did you know that our bodies are pretty amazing machines that have the ability to function at their best when everything is working smoothly? However, sometimes we may experience symptoms like fatigue, depression, thyroid problems, digestive upsets, and weight gain for what feels like no reason. It's important to know that these symptoms are not the root of the problem, but rather a sign that something else is going on inside our bodies.

You are in luck! For some weird reason, I have this strong passion to help everyone reach their full potential in health. SO much that I have rearranged my entire existence as I knew it to be, only to  pursue this unpromising future of instilling wellness and health in others.  If you are willing to put your ALL into it, I can help solve those mystery symptoms and get you where you optimally want to be.    

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